Cartoonists Profiles

Dr. Jack, cartoonist and beard-maintenance products model. House-trained as well as carrier of Nat Dip in Graphic Design.

First nationally published cartoons appeared when he was something like 14 years old. Artist for the National Parks board for 3 years then  went freelance. Has freelanced since 1992. Clients include Pretoria News [Sport and Political satire] Independent Newspapers [Political satire] Mail & Guardian [Editorial] Regular cartoons for such mags as Topcar & Farmers’ Weekly,  various industry rags like The Teacher and Elektron. General Freelance Prostitute of Cartoonery [GeFPoC],  selling his talents to anybody who flashes the promise of money at him.  Shook hands with a famous person once.

Published six books , one of which topped the bestsellers  list in South Africa for a week or two.  Published a calendar too, but sales dropped off sharply  after one year.  Also dabbles in “serious” art, but nobody takes this as  seriously as him.