Cartoonist's Profiles

In 1984, on the day I was born, I drew my conclusion: I want to draw not only conclusions, but also pictures. Now, that’s what I do. I’ve drawn my whole life. For a large amount of my life as a little boy, I drew soccer-players. When I was in primary school  (and World Cup 94 was happening) I even sold portraits of various players. I also drew cartoons for the teachers, when they asked me. Thinking about it now, maybe that’s the reason my marks were quite good.

 In highschool I didn’t give any cartoons to the teachers, and would you believe it: my marks dropped drastically, especially in maths and science.  So I decided to draw the whole day. My maths-book looked like a sketchbook. After my day drawing at the  school I teached art to primary school kids at my home. I had forty students at that time.   The obvious choice

was to study some arty-thing. In 2003 I enrolled in Information Design at the University of Pretoria . Not so arty! I noticed that my illustration-skills were much better than my design-skills, so when I graduated in 2006, I decided to start a freelance illustration career.

Now I am freelancing. I draw the whole day.  I enjoy working with watercolours, charcoal, pencils,  oil paints, pen and ink, coffee (with hot milk and no sugar) and acrylics. I think I can work in a large variety of styles and media.   In my spare time, I write children’s books (not yet published though) and draw. I don\’t really know the difference between working and
spare time, because I draw all the time. But sometimes, when no one is looking, I secretly go down the nostalgia- road and draw some soccer-players..