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Here are South Africa's famous cartoonists and illustrators like Zapiro and Rico of Madam and Eve fame. Other well-known South African editorial cartoonists like Dr Jack, Tony Grogan, Mynderd Vosloo, Colin Daniel and Dav Andrews are featured here. Have a look at their galleries, and contact us to get your original artwork designed by them!

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James Berrange

James Berrange

I produced my first drawing (a cartoon of sorts) in 1958 when I was 22 months old and I have been drawing ever since. Although I enjoy expressing myself in a variety of genres, it was obvious from the start that cartoons were going to be a significant part of the mix. 

Somehow, irrespective of the seriousness of the occasion, an idea for a cartoon will come bubbling to the surface. Being funny on paper requires more than drawing skills, though, and I have always been able to see the funny side of life and put it down on paper.

My career of some 36 years has been spent as a graphic designer in one field or another and the demand for cartoons has been never-ending. I have drawn for the fashion and textile industry, daily newspapers, friends birthdays in the form of cards, book publishing, magazines (mainly Getaway and Compleat Golfer — I was art director of both) and for a wide variety of clients in the last 15 years of running my own business. As long as I can draw, I will continue to draw cartoons!

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