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Here are South Africa's famous cartoonists and illustrators like Zapiro and Rico of Madam and Eve fame. Other well-known South African editorial cartoonists like Dr Jack, Tony Grogan, Mynderd Vosloo, Colin Daniel and Dav Andrews are featured here. Have a look at their galleries, and contact us to get your original artwork designed by them!

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I am ghost – Wouter Hefzel de Witt from Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, a full-time freelance illustrator and caricature artist.

My freelance career started many years ago, after I decided that working for a boss (at a printing work) and wasting my God given talent just won’t do.  8 dpo bfp clomid

The chalkboards at various restaurants kept mealive until I learnt to do caricatures, from books and from inspiration by many of the Cartoonists on this site. From that I did Caricatures for the “who’s who” supplement in our local newspaper - the Lowvelder.

I have illustrated many children’s books for Macmillan Publishers, Vivlia Publishers, Bateleur Books, Lingua Franca Publishers and a couple of books for local authors. I also do graphic design (logos, labels, T-shirt designs etc.) and murals! buy viagra professional online

Hope to hear from you soon! 

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